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couldn't drive, said Turco, who said she started to feel that way after two drinks.

Sandra Turco, a civilian employee at the city police service, said she's usually the designated driver, but this time she arranged to have her husband, Coun. Lou Turco, pick her up after work.

The testing exercise had two purposes. To get the message out about drinking and driving, and to give police a chance to train on the testing equipment without Adidas Crazy Light 2 Basketball Shoes

That, he said, Adidas Climacool Adv

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It's actually pretty common to see that happen when volunteers are tested, said Const. Ivars Krumins, an OPP officer who works with the Centre for Forensic Sciences in administering Intoxilizer training for police.

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The highest he blew was 72 milligrams Black Adidas Basketball Shoes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood below the legal limit, but as far as he was concerned impaired. like that are a signal, say police, of just how impaired someone can be by the amount of alcohol it takes to get over the legal limit of 80 millilitres of blood, never mind readings of 120 or more.

it's a controlled environment and we can put those blood alcohol readings to the actual drinks they had to the actual body type and it just gives them that experience so that when they do arrest someone on the road they can evaluate that person based on what they're saying and what their results are, he said.

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is a impossible case. that one should take that as an excuse to drive after drinking even a small amount of Adidas All Stars Womens

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Magnan said police too often see crashes where drivers are in the range, of impairment. It may not have been the impaired driver who ran a red light, for example, but they collided with a driver who did because they couldn't hit the brakes quickly enough.

going to hear the story of, 'I only had two beers but they charged me with over 80,' said Krumins.

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the pressure of real charges or the prospect of testifying in court.

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One of the scenarios the officers are going to face is that had two beers. going to get a high reading double the alcohol limit, so you know they didn't have two beers but you don't know how much they really drank, said Krumins.

Lisa Belanger, who works in the traffic office at the police station, said she registered a fail on the roadside test, but came back with a reading of 55 and 60 enough to earn a three day suspension of her licence, but not enough to warrant criminal charges had she been driving.

Similar, if less stark, results played out during testing at the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service on Thursday afternoon as volunteers and members of the media submitted to blood alcohol tests as part of a five day training course for seven city police and five Ontario Provincial Police officers.

person's reaction time is now slowed because of the effects of the alcohol. If they were sober, they probably could have stopped the vehicle, said Magnan.

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She said she was surprised at how low her readings were between 39 and 41 BAC despite having consumed four mixed drinks in an hour.


´╗┐Alcohol test exercise opens eyes

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Krumins said the Intoxilizer 8000 units police were using are simple to operate, but he said it is useful for officers to understand the effects of alcohol on someone who isn't lying trying to downplay how much they had to drink.

thought it was going to be higher, Belanger said.

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