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When the operation began, it faced a significant problem: While there was information available indicating that people on the waterfronts and in the associated industries were involved in organized crime, this information had been gathered in an ad hoc way and there Adidas Boost Shoes For Women

The achievements of Operation Polaris over the last three years have been significant. In addition to 35 arrests resulting in 157 charges, the task force has seized more than 60 kilograms of cocaine, 10 kilograms of performance and image enhancing drugs, 120 kilograms of precursor chemicals, 114.8 tonnes of tobacco and 92.7 million cigarettes, and more than $1 million in cash.

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The operation has also made a significant contribution on the legislative and strategic front based on the findings of its investigations.

investigations in which corrupt waterfront employees were alleged to have facilitated drug importation. The assessments also aimed to identify known and potential vulnerabilities at the waterfronts and in associated industries based on Australian and international experience, and observation of the port environment and itsEach of the agencies brought a different approach to assessing the port environment.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Singleton of the NSW Crime Commission has argued that multi agency task forces, combining several law enforcement agencies and sometimes regulatory agencies as well, have proved to be one of the most effective approaches to investigating and disrupting organized crime, especially in ais no single valid approach to investigating and disrupting crime and it often best to try several approaches in combination, says Singleton. agencies not only bring different legal powers to bear on a problem, they also bring different organizational cultures, different sets of staff and skills, and different tools, including equipment and databases.

The degree of corruption on the waterfronts was such that it prompted a Royal Commission into the issue in the 1980s. Although controversial, the Royal Commission on the Activities of the Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union found evidence of the large scale involvement of persons working on the docks in various forms of organized crime including fraud, theft, violence and importation of drugsInvestigations conducted by various Australian law enforcement agencies in the 1990s and 2000s confirmed and expanded on the findings of the royal commission. These investigations suggested that there was an endemic culture of corruption on the waterfronts and that those not directly involved in criminal activity indirectly supported it by turning a blind eye.

by a Adidas All Star Shoes For Sale hodgepodge of

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Like many island nations, Australia is dependent on shipping for the movement of goods into and out of the country. By far and away the majority of goods are imported and exported using the maritime industry. The importance of this industry was highlighted in the 1990s when a dispute between container terminal operator Patricks Corporation and the Maritime Union of Australia almost brought the country

with crime. Commander Sharpe of the AFP agrees, recently stating: cannot target high level international organized crime syndicates unless we do it together. Sharing our intelligence, experience, resources and technological governance is a key to future success in regard to Operation Polaris.

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Operation Polaris is staffed by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS), the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the NSW Crime Commission and the NSW Police Force. These agencies represent the five primary agencies that have responsibility for investigating the various aspects of organized crime in NSW.

It was against this background that then Commissioner of the New South Wales (NSW) Crime Commission, Phillip Bradley, recommended establishing a multi agency task force to identify vulnerabilities at the NSW waterfronts and make recommendations to addressAs a result of this recommendation and the subsequent negotiations between various law enforcement agencies with an interest in the NSW waterfronts, Operation Polaris was established in July 2010 and reached full capacity in the following year.

Without the different approaches of each agency, it unlikely that Operation Polaris would have achieved the results that it has.

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´╗┐agency task force targets organized crime

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The ACC was able to contribute its experience in strategic analysis and analyzing vulnerabilities associated withThe AFP, NSW Crime Commission, and the NSW Police were able contribute their knowledge of what had occurred in previous investigations and assist in the identification of persons who might currently be involved in criminal activity. They were also able to contribute their experience in detecting, identifying, and disrupting organized criminal networks and apply this experience to the waterfronts and associated industries.

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Members of Joint Task Force Polaris make an arrest in Sydney, Australia, as part of Operation Tuskers. Credit: AFP Adidas Basketball Shoes Pictures

The ACBPS was able to contribute its experience in policing the waterfronts and regulating the importation of goods.

Furthermore, large and small agencies can have quite different strengths simply because of their different sizes: multi agency task forces allow both types of agencies to contribute effectively to dealing

to a standstill.

was no centralized repository of holdings from which the scope of the problem could be analyzed.

As a result, the first task of Operation Polaris was to undertake a number of environmental assessments. These assessments aimed to collate the information held by member agencies, and to identify and fill gaps left All Star Adidas Shoes 2017

Media Unit

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Adidas All Star Shoes For Sale

While the shipping industry is an essential part of legitimate business, it also plays a crucial role in illegal trade as criminal groups attempt to hide their goods among the millions of tonnes of legal importations. Unlike Europe, Australia hasn seen the use of shipping containers to facilitate illegal immigration. However, there have been innumerable examples of drugs and weapons being imported through the waterfronts with the assistance of corrupt staff.

By Louise Douglas Major, intelligence manager, New South Wales Crime Commission

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