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It is possible for an app to be task oriented and still promote brands. However, the ability to complete tasks must always come first. Otherwise, customers will become frustrated, not realize the value of the app and stop using it. If they try and fail to use the app the first time, it's very difficult to bring them back again.

Business value is created by providing customer value. Customers value the ability to complete tasks quickly and conveniently.

Finally, all tasks that don't fit with these five area should be removed. For example, tracking packages on Air Canada Cargo could be a separate app targeted at companies that ship packages, rather than competing for the attention of business and leisure travelers.

The more flight segments and miles business travellers have with Air Canada, the more priority travel services, lounge access, and upgrades are available. It's an important motivator when choosing which airline to fly, but it's not displayed in the current app. It should be front and centre.

track flights for co workers, friends and family

"Pretty pointless app other than as a flight tracker."

"Can no longer add flights by booking reference. Please fix!"

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´╗┐Air Canada Mobile Case Study

Ease of NavigationAfter navigating to the Air Canada section to check in, the customer still isn't presented with a meaningful task to complete. Instead, they are greeted with an empty screen telling them to add a flight to track, check in and more.

Based on these goals and customer reviews, we can get a good idea of the four areas that customers value. They want to:

5. Air Canada's Altitude program

Air Canada is a very personal brand. As personal as the mobile phone we all carry. But the current Air Canada app misses the opportunity to be a meaningful part of those 150 moments each day.

customer is greeted with a series of brands: Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada Vacations and Air Canada Cargo. Let's assume the customer is going on vacation. Should they select the vacation option to check in? Aren't they flying Air Canada? What is Rouge? Will Air Canada Cargo check their bags?

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"This app is really not worth the download. Functionally it [is] poor, no iPad app. I thought Air Canada could do much better than this."

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Adidas Boost Black And Red

"Please include flight rates. Thanks!"

StrategyThe business goals are to increase revenue by making it easier to book flights and vacations on mobile devices, to increase revenue by promoting status through frequent mobile interactions, and to decrease costs by delivering timely flight change alerts and information to travellers.

The problem is that customers are task focused, while the D Rose 7 Low Top

book flights, check in, select seats, and get boarding passes. It has to work flawlessly every time

view their itineraries

browse and book vacations

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"Such a horrible app, couldn't even do a basic function of checking in. Dumping it!"

current app is brand focused. Customers are trying to complete important tasks like book a flight, see if the departure time has changed, and check in. In contrast, the app is designed to promote brands like Air Canada Cargo and Air Canada Rouge.

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Adidas Boost Black And Red

There is also a fifth area that is noticeably missing from an app for business travellers:

When the user does tap on the button with the arrow pointing at it, the app redirects the customer to the Find Flights tab. Why not point the arrow to the Find Flights tab or the check in tab? Why not start on the Find Flights tabs if it's so important? Simply put, the navigation system in the current app is confusing and makes completing the simplest tasks a chore.

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Adidas Boost Black And Red

Design Ability to Complete TasksFirst impressions matter. Unfortunately, it's a frustrating first impression. After launching the app, the D Rose Jersey Knicks

Presenting an empty screen is a poor user experience. Even with the arrow pointing to the plus button, there's a lot to evaluate. It requires seeing the arrow, reading the label, reading the additional text below, seeing the five tab bar options, seeing the home button and then deciding what choice to make. Also, notice the check in option in the tab bar, which contradicts what the message is telling you. It would be better to Adidas Basketball Shoes Europe

give the customer a clear option to check in and then enter their flight details.

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"I thought it was pretty good, until some advertisements starting popping up, which I wasn't too impressed with."

"Seat selection selects and confirms different seat."

We think it could be a vastly better mobile experience, and it seems many of these reviewers agree. Here are our ideas to improve Air Canada's iPhone app.

We love Air Canada. It's the airline that takes us to meet with clients, fly to conferences, and on vacation. But there's one area where they currently fall short. In a world where the average person checks their phone 150 times each day, the Air Canada app is not living up to its potential.

"This app is possibly the worst download I have ever made. [.] I booked my trip via the app, called to confirm that I was booked, but when I showed up at the airport they told me they had no record of me having booked in the first place. They talked with their manager Adidas Boost Black And Red at the airport, who determined that this was likely due to a bug in the app that as affecting many clients. Despite this recognition, they still didn't allow me on the flight."

Adidas Boost Black And Red

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