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Wein likes the eyepatch. "That way at least it looks like I'm injured," he says, grinning again. "I want to fit in here."

Today, four months after entering the rehab centre with a serious brain injury, Wein doesn't make that mistake anymore.

That confusion was one feature of the brain injury he suffered on the morning of July 19, 2009, when a minivan slammed into his bicycle from behind.

´╗┐After the crash

Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers

Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers

Those were the physical manifestations of his injuries. But his rehab would be complicated by what couldn't be seen: the damage done to his short term memory and motor control.

"The prognosis was guarded," remembers Buchanan.

Wein's diffuse injury produced a weakened right leg and left arm.

Doctors warned Wein's parents, Patricia Buchanan and Marceli Wein, that their son might not regain consciousness. His score on the Glasgow Coma scale a medical test used to assess unconscious patients suggested he had a 50 per cent chance of survival.

The accident also left him with double vision, which he manages by wearing a black patch over one eye. While it often rights itself, the condition can be corrected with surgery if it persists Adidas D Rose 4.5 Zebra

He often reminds people now that he was hit by a car. The word "minivan" escapes him yet.

After the crash, Wein Adidas D Rose 7 Primeknit Colorways

He was allowed to emerge from sedation when the pressure inside his skull subsided. Wein spent the next five weeks in the hospital's trauma unit, where he learned to swallow and eat again. His feeding tube was removed.

Wein was kept in a sedative induced coma for three weeks to limit swelling, which can can reduce blood flow and damage healthy brain tissue.

Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers

Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers

Four other cyclists, including Wein's girlfriend, Cathy Anderson, were injured in the hit and run. The accident defied reason: The riders were struck as they pedalled in a dedicated bike lane on a broad stretch of March Road in Kanata. They were about 20 minutes into a 100 kilometre round trip to Pakenham. Few other cars were on the road at the time.

Wein is firmly set on the hard road back. How far he's able to travel down that road will depend on his brain's ability to rewire itself, to find new ways to perform once automatic activities such as balancing, walking and remembering names.

When he arrived, Wein needed help to turn in bed and to reach a sitting position. He was transferred to a wheelchair in a sling. He had strength enough to push his wheelchair about five metres on the ward he shared with other brain injured patients. He couldn't stand Adidas Womens Climacool Shoes Review

Wein was in the best physical condition of his life before the accident; he had competed in a triathlon on his birthday the previous weekend.

underwent emergency surgery at The Ottawa Hospital's Civic campus for a serious abdominal injury. He had also suffered a collapsed lung, a broken rib and severe road rash to his lower legs and right arm.

"I got hit," he explains. "But I wasn't born this way and I'm not going to die this way."Among the first things Wein remembers after the accident is sitting up in a hospital bed, having people congratulate him for the feat. "I was thinking, 'Yeah, big deal,'" he says. "I didn't know a month earlier I was unconscious."

Wein, who was cycling behind the lead rider, has no memory of the event. He has read about it on the Internet, but none of it sounds familiar.

Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers

In fact, for months, the 39 year old triathlete and civil servant couldn't relate his physical state to the crash. He didn't understand why his legs wouldn't follow his commands. He feared it might be his fault.

Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers

Then one morning, late last year, he woke up "with the total understanding I was in an accident."

His brain injury was life threatening. He had been wearing a bike helmet, but it had shattered in the crash.

His recovery continued at Elisabeth Bruyre Hospital until October when doctors decided he was ready for more intensive therapy at The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre.


"She taught me things a three year old needs to learn," Wein says, grinning at the memory. "I'd call my right leg my left leg. I don't know why."

Unlike strokes, which follow a common pattern a right middle cerebral artery stroke typically will Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers result in problems on the left side of the body a severe brain injury is unpredictable.

Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers

Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers

Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers

for more than a year.

Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers

Adidas Climacool Modulate Mens Trainers

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