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It comes after the club also submitted plans to demolish damaged parts of The Hawthorns pub, formerly The Hawthorns Hotel, on Birmingham Road, to allow the rest of the building to be used again. The former fans' favourite pre match drinking venue is Grade II listed and dates back to the 1900s.

that stand, officials said. The ground's current capacity is 26,586.

The article will probably be run tomorrow.

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West Bromwich Albion, which owns the venue, is in talks to turn it into a drive through coffee shop.

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Adidas Climacool 1 On Feet

The Hawthorns as retained the subbuteo floodlights character instead of copying the netto ghetto? Keep talking Jack the way your going they will be parading you around West Bromwich with a blue and white jesters hat on like the king fool in the Charles Lawton Hunchback of Notre Dame. These few hundred fans Albion have, must obviously be of the highest quality to keep such a small club in purportedly the best league in the world. How bad must the fans of our near neighbours be who are so much bigger than us,if they cannot encourage their team to be playing in this league. After all they apparently are responsible for a promotion but had nothing to do with two relegations. Exactly how does that work. I Adidas All Star White Women


1991 Albion got relegated to div3 with an average of 11.993, which wasn't bad for its time, about the same number of season tickets Wolves sold for this campaign following 2 relegations and a total shambles.

The firm involved in those talks has not yet been revealed.

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4.020, we finished bottom of the old Div Adidas All Star Metal Toe

It has become dilapidated and vandalised since its closure.

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1990, at last both clubs back in the same Division (2) both clubs looking pretty stable by now, Wolves average 17.045, Albion's average Adidas Climacool 1 On Feet 11.308, 5737, a considerable gap considering the two clubs were on a par and Wolves only a few years out of the 'quagmire" they had been stuck in.

have been spreading the word that we ALL need to wear BLUE WHITE STRIPED shirts for Sundays final home game against Stoke and it matters not what season the shirt is from the more variety the better. We need to make it a sea of Blue White Stripes to send out OUR message of protest to the powers that be. We need to protect our heritage and tradition and we always have a themed day the last match of the season anyway.

3. The same year Albion was in Div 2 and had average of 12.164, the difference being 8144. When they were in Div 3, they had an average of 12.711, meaning around an 8k difference between our gates now and theirs then.

"It's good to have bigger capacity for the atmosphere always and this could fill a bit of a void [of fans] at the back of the Smethwick End. You always get the most noise from the back anyway. Now it looks as though the club has stopped in the Premier League, hopefully people will fill them."

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Mark Miles, the club's head of facility operations and development, said: "We are looking to relocate the matchday control room to the north west area of the stadium, which would provide the safety operations team with enhanced facilities, including an improved vantage point to monitor any developments inside of The Hawthorns.

This would free up space for an extra 300 seats in Adidas Parley Boost Uncaged

At the same time Albion, a well run club hoping for promotion out of Div2 had an average of 10.126, 993 difference between a club lifting themselves out of an abyss of bad management and total destruction, and a well run club with high aspirations and two leagues above Wolves.

1988, Wolves finished top of Div 4 and had an average of 9.855, double of any other club in Div4 that year, a lot of fans were beginning to come out of the boycott mode and Bhatti brothers atmosphere of robbing the club of every blade of 'grass' began to vanish.

When Wolves fans were boycotting the home homes and giving great backing and massive support at away games our home crowd average went to an all time low, 1986,

´╗┐Albion reveals plans for 300 extra seats at The Hawthorns Express Star

1987, having dropped into Div 4 and positioned bottom half for most of the season, apart from an end of season flurry, we averaged 5.754, which was the highest in the league at that time. The Same season Albion averaged 9.134, mid table Div2, a 3380 difference and they were a well run club hoping for promotion, we were on our last breath in more ways than one. Sunderland this year had anavaerage of 13.601 in div2, so called massive supported club. Cardiff were promoited out of Div4 in 1987 their average was 2.826

The club wants to move the matchday control room, in the Smethwick End, to the north west corner of the stadium.

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The proposal is to clear the 1903 east wing of the venue and its 20th century extensions because of the poor state into which they have fallen in recent years.

The north west corner is the west stand/Brummie corner. This would not affect any seating in that area, the club said today.

1989, a new dawn began to shine through the Bhatti brother ghosts, Wolves finished top of Div3 and had an average of 14.392, way above all others apart from Sheff utd. Albion spent all season in the top half of Div2 and had an average of 12.757, 1635 less than their Div3 rivals Wolves.

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"Along with other minor works, moving the control room should also allow the club to add up to 300 seats to the stadium's capacity." John Homer, chairman of West Bromwich Albion supporters' club said: "If this means the club can gain an extra 300 seats, than that is extra revenue for the club."

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