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But he added AU had made it clear from the outset it had no desire to become part of an attempt by one side to defeat the other.

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The donor's participation would have offered a solution, but one that shouldn't be necessary. The Y and Rotary got the property in trust for $1. They should be prepared to pass it on to a new trustee for $1.

"Our position is if there is a solution to this that makes all parties happy and there is a role for AU to play, managing the facility or participating in something someone else is leading, we would be open to that."

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Myers told me an anonymous donor had offered to provide a reasonable amount to purchase the property if AU would manage it, but it fell apart, presumably, I would suspect, because the offer was not acceptable to the Y and Rotary.

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The Public Guardian and Trustee of Ontario has gone along with the proposal by the YMCA and Rotary to sell the Rotary/YMCA Tennis and Aquatics Club property ostensibly because no other entity has expressed interest in taking over the public trust from the Y.

But Frances Sewards, acting on her own but armed with the knowledge many feel as she does, is seeking intervener status, a two month extension of the injunction and a trial of the issue. Her application will be heard Oct. 25, the same day the injunction settlement will return to court.

´╗┐Algoma U would take over RYTAC

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I had called Myers after viewing a letter he had written Proposal from Algoma University for the Renewal of RYTAC which had been submitted to the guardian's office by those opposed to the sale of the property.

"I think, yes," he said. "If Rotary and the Y and the people who have filed for the injunction all said, 'This is what we would like to see happen, we would like to see AU be the trustee, own the property,' whatever they agree to, as long as it doesn't entail any capital outlay from AU or some other way pose a risk for us, yes, we could certainly do that."

"Second, we are in the educational business and have a long record of welcoming children to our campus for special events, music lessons, and summer camps.

RYTAC was a character builder for those who walked through its gates and doors and there were many who benefitted, as was the intent of those who entrusted its creation and operation to the Y and Rotary.

With these two heavyweight organizations willing to get involved, the Y and Rotary should drop their plans to sell the property a for sale sign by Castle Real Estate remains on the site even with the issue being before the court for financial gain and instead prepare to pass the trust to others.

courts. Two local residents who sought an D Rose 2 Blue


So to clarify how far AU was really willing to go I asked, if everything came together, if the Y and Rotary said, 'OK, this is a good deal for the community and we're willing to pass the property on to you in trust,' would AU be willing to become the trustee?

He said discussions with staff have led him to believe that AU could offer a Adidas Boost 16 full and varied menu of summer camps at RYTAC to replace those that have been lost, such as tennis, water safety, sailing, kayaking, rowing and fishing.

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"Third, the programming cycles of RYTAC and AU are strikingly complementary. Whereas RYTAC activities take place primarily in July and August, AU's main activities take place between September and June.

"One critical element of any arrangement is that AU would have to be the year round manager of the facility and would have to be free to use it for its own staff and students," he said. "We see great value in having our university students learn to row or to sail at a facility just minutes from our campus.

But if the guardian had spent even a little time studying a letter it has in its hands, it might have a change of mind because it would find such an entity sitting quietly in the wings.

Myers said AU operates camps at the George Leach Centre which are focused on excellence in one particular sport (basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer) and between four and six one week "Thunderbird Camps," which although open to everyone include material and activities focused on Anishinaabe life and culture.

"We also see value in collaborating with our friends at Sault College, who would likely find access to RYTAC facilities an important asset to their recreational leisure program." Leo Tiberi, vice president, academic, indicated there could be a role for Sault College, telling me it is "always interested in exploring partnerships and opportunities for its students and the community at large."

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In his letter about renewing RYTAC, Myers said AU's willingness to collaborate was based on three key realities.

However, Myers made it clear early in our conversation that the university was not willing to take sides in a controversy that has found its way into the

it was an impressive document, showing AU and RYTAC could be a good D Rose 7 Custom

"There is obviously potential for the facilities to be better used, and more fully developed, if AU takes lead responsibility for managing them."

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injunction against the sale have now bowed out, but another has stepped forward.

Karen McAndrew and Ken Miller Jr. originally sought an injunction to stop the sale but have reluctantly withdrawn their opposition and agreed to a settlement because of mounting legal costs.

"First, AU is an institution that is built on partnerships (Shingwauk Education Trust, Great Lakes Forestry Centre, OFRI, Algoma Conservatory of Music.)

He said the prospect of managing the RYTAC courts along with those at AU as part of a single tennis club is appealing and he foresees hiring proper coaches and running tennis camps for young people to rebuild interest in the sport.

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