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The most important aspect in all of this is time O?Neil said. From synching their watches at the beginning of the D Rose Boost 7

missions a day, every day, that?s a lot of planning time.

O?Neil said while the exercise is great training for everyone, it is mainly directed at the most junior guys in the room.

This year, as with every year, civilians will have a chance to get up close and personal with the aircraft during the public open house, which will be held May 24.

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as ambassadors for the community by inviting visitors to participate in their favourite activities from hiking, to quading to fishing.

D Rose 3.5 Shoes

D Rose 3.5 Shoes

With only three weeks to go to Maple Flag, things are getting a little hectic at the Air Force Tactical Training Centre (AFTTC) the nerve centre of the month long exercise.

During the first cycle this year (which lasts two weeks) there will be about 40 aircraft involved. That will increase in the second cycle to about 60.

Each section is in charge of making sure Maple Flag runs smoothly. For example, the members of the intelligence officer are responsible for developing a pretend war for the exercise. That person is also responsible for doing the briefings associated with the imaginary war.

´╗┐AFTTC prepares for Maple Flag

Inside the tactical control centre, there are a handful of people who look after making sure all of the participants are where they need to be, when they need to be there. They keep track of what?s going on with the exercise, which is conducted at the Primrose D Rose 3.5 Shoes Lake range, by staying in contact with the AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems), which is the Eye in the Sky, keeping track of all of the aircraft participating in the pretend war.

It takes between three and a half and four hours to plan each mission. When you consider there are two Adidas All Stars Ladies

D Rose 3.5 Shoes

While in years past there have been as many as 100 planes in the air at the same time, flying the same wartime scenario, this year will see a slightly small Maple Flag. O?Neil said due to the conflicts overseas, including Afghanistan, many of the participating countries are tied up fighting in real wars.

Within the training centre is a wing dedicated to the planning, logistics and minute details involved with Maple Flag.

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The Connecting with Canadians program is designed to have local citizens act Adidas Climacool Trainers Size 8

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There will also be access to a Maple Flag kit shop, where everyone can buy a variety of items related to Maple Flag 41. For the duration of Flag (May 5 to 30) the kit shop will be open and available to the public at Club 41. Just follow the signs near JJ Parr.

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"We want to get as much training out of this as possible," he said.

D Rose 3.5 Shoes

brief, to leaving the hangar, dressed and ready to fly at an exact time, to starting the jets engines, to taxiing and taking off, everything is done down to the second.

Another way for the public to get involved is to volunteer to help show around visitors from out of province and foreign military members.

That being said, O?Neil said the exercise is as close to real war as they can make it.

"There?s a mission monitor," explained O?Neil. "It?s usually a senior Canadian pilot. They make sure the mission is run safely."

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In attempt to promote safety even further, O?Neil said everyone involved with the mission will watch the equivalent of a slide show to how the mission should turn out.

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The plan makes sure no planes are occupying the same airspace at the same time. The exercise?s safety record can speak for itself there?s never been a collision during Maple Flag (note, this doesn?t count mechanical failure or bird strikes).

"Ninety percent of air crew losses happen in their first 10 missions," he said. "Maple Flag is designed to give the junior guys those 10 missions that are as close to wartime and safe. That?s why it?s so important so when he does it for real, he doesn?t die."

"It?s almost as if it?s being flown," he said.

"It gets so they can launch without contacting the tower," O?Neil said. "That?s why the planning cycle is three and a half to four hours."

Safety is always the name of the game when it comes to the Maple Flag exercise.

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