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The federally funded Framingham study tracked new dementia cases among several thousand people 60 and older in five year periods starting in 1978, 1989, 1996 and 2006. Compared with the first period, new cases were 22 per cent lower in the second one, 38 per cent lower in the third and 44 per cent lower in the fourth one.

D Rose 773 2

"For those who get the disease, it may come later in life, which is a good thing.

"The results bring some hope that perhaps dementia cases might be preventable, or at least delayed" by improving health and education, said the study leader, Claudia Satizabal of Boston University.

D Rose 773 2

and 35 million people worldwide have Alzheimer's, the most common form of dementia. It has no cure and current drugs only temporarily ease symptoms.

In countries where dementia appears to be declining, the rise in obesity and diabetes threatens to undo progress.

Dallas Anderson, epidemiology chief at the National Institute on Aging, agreed.

During that time, there were declines in smoking, heart disease and strokes, factors linked to dementia, and a rise in the number of people using blood pressure medicines and getting a high school diploma, which reduce the likelihood of developing the condition.


"It may be that what we have now is a sweet spot," where people with these problems are still relatively young, said Anderson, of the National Institute on Aging. "They're not in the dementia range yet, but what's going to happen? We know they're all in the pipeline.".


D Rose 773 2

Dementia rates also are down in Germany, a study there Adidas Climachill Rocket Boost Mid Grey

D Rose 773 2

D Rose 773 2

Dementia prevalence the proportion of people with the disease also declined dramatically in women ages 74 to 85. There was a trend toward a smaller decline in men D Rose 773 2 but the difference was so small researchers couldn't be sure of it.

D Rose 773 2

An updated study of dementia prevalence by Alzheimer's Disease International in 2009 concludes that its previous estimates for the disease worldwide were too low. The group now says dementia prevalence appears to have increased from about 5 per cent to about 7 per cent in East Asia, and in Sub Saharan African from between 2 per cent Adidas Boost Vibes

The trends corresponded with fewer strokes and better treatment of high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, and more education, they said.

More than 5.4 million Americans Adidas Basketball Boots Nz

D Rose 773 2


D Rose 773 2

Recent studies from the Netherlands, Sweden and England have suggested a decline, and the new research extends this look to some other parts of the world.

"For an individual, the actual risk of dementia seems to have declined," probably due to more education and control of health factors such as cholesterol and blood pressure, said Dr. Kenneth Langa. He is a University of Michigan expert on aging who discussed the studies Tuesday at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Copenhagen.

´╗┐Alzheimer's rates are dropping in the US and Germany but rising in poor nations

The average age at which dementia was diagnosed also rose from 80 during the first period to 85 in the last one.

D Rose 773 2

A drop in rates is a silver lining in the so called silver tsunami the expected wave of age related health problems from an older population. Alzheimer's will remain a major public health issue, but countries where rates are dropping may be able to lower current projections for spending and needed services, experts said.

and 4 per cent to nearly 5 per cent.

The opposite is occurring in some poor countries that have lagged on education and health, where dementia seems to be rising.

D Rose 773 2

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