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The other prong, an individual use tax credit, is separate from the scholarship program and could be unique in the country.

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Four states llinois, Iowa, Minnesota and North Carolina have some kind of individual use tax credits. However, Alabama individual use credit Adidas Boost Gold would go much further than any them, according to officials at the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, an advocacy group.

a researcher I be interested to see how this works in practice. Republican dominated legislature pushed through the Accountability Act late Thursday, using tactics that Democratic critics say violated Alabama Adidas All Star Collection

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as far reaching as this," he said. ""I

an intriguing idea, said Bedrick. closer in its effect to a voucher program" than to a traditional, tax credit system.

One prong creates a mechanism for nonprofit organizations to attract private donations and use them to fund Adidas Basketball Shoes Gold

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think this is about giving money to folks who already have children in privateThink of an individual use tax credit as a way for the state, via the tax code, to reimburse parents for educational costs. Under a basic individual use tax credit system, if a fictional set of parents spent $100 on qualifying educational expenses, the state would subtract $100 from their tax bill.

scholarships for children who are zoned for failing schools. Qualifying children would then be able to use the scholarships to attend private schools. While somewhat novel on a national level, these kinds of tax credits are far from revolutionary. Eleven states have scholarship tax credits, according to the Alliance for School Choice latest School Choice Yearbook, which tracks reforms.

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Alabama blazing a trail, but where will it lead?

The Accountability Act proposes a two pronged alternative to public schools.

Minnesota program cap is higher at $1,000 and refundable, but private school tuition is not a qualified expense. Its credit is also means tested, meaning that wealthier families may not qualify for as much help from the state.

Henry Mabry, director of Alabama Education Association and a critic of of the Accountability Act, called the legislation "welfare for the rich," and said it went further than systems in other states toward undermining funding for education. "I've looked at many other states and I have not found

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State Rep. Chad Fincher, R Semmes, bristled at the word "voucher," pointing out that a voucher system pays schools up front, and a tax credit pays families retroactively. He agreed that Alabama's proposed use of the tax credit achieves much the same goal, which is to allow families to use their education tax dollars to pay for private school if they choose to do so. He said that such a program would be unique in the country.

´╗┐Alabama Accountability Act includes what amounts to a school voucher program

Individual use tax credit systems in those other states are capped at relatively low amounts, $500 in Illinois and $250 in Iowa, and are nonrefundable, according to the ABCs of School Choice, the Friedman Foundation policy guide. If a parent in Illinois earns the $250 tax credit but has a tax bill of only $100, the parent wouldn have to pay any taxes that year, but the state Illinois would not send the parent a $150 check.

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Open Meetings law, prompting them to file suit seeking to block it. A Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Tuesday temporarily blocked Governor Robert Bentley from signing the Accountability Act into law. today.

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The most generous program to date is in North Carolina, where the cap on tax credits is set at $6,000 and can be used on private school tuition. However, it is nonrefundable and applies only to children with disabilities.

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